Freebies Profile Blogskins

Assalamualaikum. Hari ni nak bagi freebies blogskins profile. Qay tak pandailah nak buat tutorialnya, tapi Qay bagi freebies ni, nanti editlah. Ye?! Then, bawah tu Qay ada kasi CODES PREVIEW. Jadi, kalau nak tukar freebies yang Qay bagi, refer lah code - code tersebut.

ALL CODES PREVIEW; - item 1 - 15 - item 16, 17 - item 18

1. .logo{}
2. .navsearch{}
3. .footernavright{}
4. .footernav{}
5. .footer{}
6. #my_favorites{}
7. #my_comments{}
8. #user_profile_ad{}
9. #my_skins{}
10. #friends_skins{}
11. .tabs{}
12. .tabSelected{} + b{}
13. #user_profile_about{}
14. #user_profile_avatar{}
15. #user_profile_info{}
16. .topnav{}
17. #profile_skins{}
18. .body{}

One -
Two -

Okay, pilih mana satu antara dua tu dan edit sendiri. Huahua. Kalau ada masala…

Freebies | Avatar Part II

Heyyo guys ! Assalamualaikum <3 Today, I feel so kinda boring. Well, maybe you thought that I'm very bees busy. Jyeah I'm busy. Busy with Facebook. Woah, we've just shared some juicy gossips and a plenty of information. Wehehe, well I posted this on BBB wall; "BBB, Qay nak buat Avatar lah. Nak tak? Nak gambar apa ha?" Well, I'm Malaysian so I posted it in Malay but let's hear the translation; "BBB, I want to make Avatar. Who want it? And, what photo should I make?". Understood? Well, I'm not very-excellent-brilliant-thirteen-years-old-boy with English language. Heh, let's us binoculars the Avatar !

I made some Theme; Floral, Vintage, Youngmin and Baro (Requested by some of BBB)
Floral ;

Vintage ;

Baro ;

Youngmin ;

Aaaa, some of the Avatar on Floral theme maybe can be themed in the Vintage theme. Haha, I can't theme them. Well, as you can see, most I made for is Flowers !

If you want to make it be like mine, look at my sidebar. …

Tutorial Fly To Top

Wookaai ! Haha, lupa pulak nak buat tutorial malam tadi, asyik dok tengok B1A4 Cut Match Up sampai terlupa nak buat. Maaf >.< Hehe, okay tutorial ini khas untuk BBB yg asyik dok tanya Qay macam mana. Hihi :> Okay, meh saya ajar, meh meh.

1) Dashboard > Template > Edit Template HTML
2) Search code ini ; <head>
3) Copy code ini pulak dan paste selepas code <head> tadi ;

<script language="javascript" src=""></script>
<script language="javascript" src=""></script>
<script language="javascript">
 var name = "#petit";
 var menuYloc = null;

   menuYloc = parseInt($(name).css("top").substring(0,$(name).css("top").indexOf("px")))
   $(window).scroll(function () {
    offset = menuYloc+$(document).scrollTop()+"px";