Freebies | Avatar Part II

Heyyo guys ! Assalamualaikum <3 Today, I feel so kinda boring. Well, maybe you thought that I'm very bees busy. Jyeah I'm busy. Busy with Facebook. Woah, we've just shared some juicy gossips and a plenty of information. Wehehe, well I posted this on BBB wall; "BBB, Qay nak buat Avatar lah. Nak tak? Nak gambar apa ha?" Well, I'm Malaysian so I posted it in Malay but let's hear the translation; "BBB, I want to make Avatar. Who want it? And, what photo should I make?". Understood? Well, I'm not very-excellent-brilliant-thirteen-years-old-boy with English language. Heh, let's us binoculars the Avatar !

I made some Theme; Floral, Vintage, Youngmin and Baro (Requested by some of BBB)
Floral ;

Vintage ;

Baro ;

Youngmin ;

Aaaa, some of the Avatar on Floral theme maybe can be themed in the Vintage theme. Haha, I can't theme them. Well, as you can see, most I made for is Flowers !

If you want to make it be like mine, look at my sidebar. Copy this code and place it to your sidebar. Kayy;
<img src="YOUR AVATAR IMAGE LINK" style="float:left; margin5px; border-radius:10px; width:80px; height:80px; border:1px solid #fff; box-shadow:0 0 10px #eee;"/>
Replace with your wanted Avatar, ye hunny :x Okayy, hope you like it. I want to continue our gossips in BBB back xD


  1. Qay,nak request avatar boleh ?
    Nak avatar L.Joe boleh ? If u don't mind buatkan lah ~ :D

  2. Qay,nak request avatar katy perry yang dalam Video The One That Got Away?/

  3. Hihi,, takdok request avatar lah ;]

  4. make Justin Bieber avatars~ :D


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