Freebies Avatar/Icon Part 3

Yo guysss! Fuih, I've just finished my work. What kind of work I have? Muehehe. Yesterday, I "Nak buat freebies Avatar lagi! Mari sini request! Cepaten dong!!" Haha, a bit Indonesian language there. Let's translate. "I want to make Freebies Avatar again! Come on request! Hurry!" So, now you understand? Okay, I got about 20 - 30 avatar requests but I make extra so that, I just edited 47 avatars used my Photoshop CS5. Kinda stress 'cuz the internet problem for searching good images for it. Okay, for those who don't know what Avatar/Icon is, they are useful for your IM, MSN etc. avatar image. Blogger got it too. See mine, the one with Baro image. Mwehehe :3 Ok, let's take it!

B2ST - Syah Zahari, Muazz Adli

SNSD - Syah Zahari

SS501 - Isha Aziz

Infinite - Nur Seri Sajidah, Alis Karmila Hisham, Adelina Amin, Ny'saa Farah

SHINee - Munyrah Iyra

B1A4 - Anis Z's II

Others (Justin Bieber, Myungsoo, Sandeul, Jinyoung, Kwangmin, Kyuhyun, L.Joe, Jungyonghwa, HongKi, Nickhun, Donghae, Sungmin, Zacky Vengeance) - Dato Kacak, Alia Afifah Dzulkefli, Nurul Hidayah, Alis Karmila Hisham, Adelina Amin, Eyra Arezmi, Scha Feeqah, Amin Nadhirah, Shazika Revelisya II, Myzs Yana,


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