Tutorial Flash Audio Player

Hello, sorry for not being able to online, yesterday. Alhamdullilah, for the second of my life, I finished read another Siti Rosmizah (SR)'s creation, Andai Itu Takdir-NYA. I don't know why I like her novel so much. Okay, stop it right now ;p Today I wanna show you how I make that little audio player. I told several of you what I'm using to create that. Okay bla bla. Let's setart. LOL, oh I'll show you how to make other player too. Don't worry.

Strangecube Player
1) Go to http://www.strangecube.com/audioplay/
2) Scroll down and you'll see a generator for making it. Well you know how to do it;
URL of mp3 file: This is where you put your mp3's url. Autostart: Click it if you want to it be autostart or autoplay.An the others, you know it well, right? Billy Player 1) Go to http://www.sheepproductions.com/billy/ 2) This is easier than strangecube, just put the mp3's url at the blank textarea. Put as many as you want. I refer just make it one only. 3) Then,…