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Hello, sorry for not being able to online, yesterday. Alhamdullilah, for the second of my life, I finished read another Siti Rosmizah (SR)'s creation, Andai Itu Takdir-NYA. I don't know why I like her novel so much. Okay, stop it right now ;p Today I wanna show you how I make that little audio player. I told several of you what I'm using to create that. Okay bla bla. Let's setart. LOL, oh I'll show you how to make other player too. Don't worry.

Strangecube Player
1) Go to http://www.strangecube.com/audioplay/
2) Scroll down and you'll see a generator for making it. Well you know how to do it;
  • URL of mp3 file: This is where you put your mp3's url. 
  • Autostart: Click it if you want to it be autostart or autoplay.
  • An the others, you know it well, right?
Billy Player
2) This is easier than strangecube, just put the mp3's url at the blank textarea. Put as many as you want. I refer just make it one only.
3) Then, you can choose either you want it to be autoplay/autostart or not.

Flash MP3 Player
2) Under it, you'll find;
  • mp3: Just put your mp3's url here.
  • autoplay: choose 0 for looping or 1 if you don't want it to be replay.
3) Do you see the category? Under the Dropdown, choose Colors and edit.

How to get the MP3's URL?
Actually, there are three ways/websites that you can do it. As always, I'll use IronDJ. But, as I got my experience so I'll share with you guys :3 There are 3 ways/websites;
I will be going to tell you how to upload/take the mp3's url for only the first two. As I have done tell you how to do it with WEBS, you can refer THIS.

1) After you go the website, you can just search for the music you want. Or maybe you want to sign up for an account? It's up to you.
2) As I just want to show how we take the mp3's url, so I'll not teaching you how to register or upload the mp3 into that. So, example, search for 'History EXO'.
3) After an options came up, click the title.
4) Scroll down and find HTML Embed and click on the textarea.
5) After, hold on CTRL and F or just click F3 for the finder. Find the word ' .mp3 '.
6) You will see like this;
<param name="bgcolor" value="#ffffff" /><param name="FlashVars" value="mp3=http://irondj.net/mix/file/17130/History_-_Exo_K.mp3&showstop=1&showvolume=1&showloading=always&volumeheight=9&width=203&height=20" />
7) The BOLDED is the word we just found out. Now, select form http://irondj.... until the word we found that is, .mp3
8) Okay, now put at your player generator.

1) And now you're on the website. Under the Upload Files, choose My Computer.
2) And click the BROWSE then choose your mp3 song from your only own computer.
3) Then start the uploading.
4) After done uploading, a link will appear, click it. Mine is http://kiwi6.com/file/85iof138w4
5) Well, maybe you want an example. Then, under the SHARE, you'll see Direct Hotlink.
6) There you go, your mp3's url.

Where should I put the codes?
Well, after you done clicking the generate button on the player website, you can put wherever you want as the codes is between <body> and </body> code. Okay, that's all. Thank you for following this confuse tutorial. Haha


  1. Andai itu takdirnya. Sedih gila novel tuh T____T

  2. @banafaten; Memang sedih pun T___________T Tapi tak keluar air mata. Haha, tak boleh nak keluar ;p


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