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Wahhh, loooooooooong time no see gais! I miss you (‘A`) Hehe, I'm back with a new layout just for you ヾ(^∇^)ノ゛ Haha, I'm now listening to JB's song called Believe. Osyeahhh, it's awesome. Well, I know there are plenty of you hates/dislike him very much. Don't tell me, I know already :p Let's get back to the topic. This template is pretty simple without navigation. It's look pale, isn't it? But I love pastel  (╥_╥) So, ottoke? Haha, it's mean What To Do in English. Okay, just that, I guess. Sorry for not posting the other tutorial about the twitter widget. I really busy and have no time to do it. I'll make it if I free, no guarantee :B Okay, enjoy!


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