Tutorial: PopUp Cbox

Not related with this tutorial lol

Hey guys! As I said, I will post a tutorial today. It is actually, tonight. But already eleven. Haha, whatever. Let's just start. I actually really really want to make the popup cbox like this. That took a long code to build it. So I guess, I just need a simple code for the popup link. And tonight, haha. Tonight I will show you how is exactly my way.
  • What you need is a cbox account. You can get it here.
  • The code is:
<a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="window.open('http://qsstory.cbox.ws','ratting','width=520,height=540')">tagboard</a>
  • For the Purple text, change it with your own cbox link. How to get it? Log in your cbox account. Under the menu, choose Publish. There, you'll see your quick link. That's it!
  • And you also can adjust the width and height for your own risk. Hehehe
  • Just copy it and then past into your HTML code part between <body> and </body> codes. 
  • Goodluck!
Oh! I just remembered. The other one is the tutorial for twitter widget like me.