Ramadan Mubarak

First of all, assalamualikum. We meet again today, in the Ramadhan month. I am very grateful to Allah for letting me alive on this Mubarak month. I am very hungry and tired right now... wait, I shouldn't say that. *slap my own mouth* but... but.. I wrote it not said it omg. Must be hard for you to understand. I said already, I am annoying much. And of course, the beginner of this post will be very very very very annoying that you'll go insane then you'll feel like want to kill me and then I dead by myself....

What the fukkufkckfukcu -_- Today my mom woke us late to sahoor. So I just could eat not-too-much food this morning. I won't regret nor sorry for it because it's often to happen on my family. Lalala~ And by that, do you want to know what did I eat? Nahh, I won't tell you even you across the sea, put your hand on a blade, jump in front of the train or even take a bullet straight to your brain.... hahaha, you wouldn't, I know. I'm just saying~ So perasan.

Recently, I just had an exam at my school and it was very terrible. For history paper, I got D! For the first time in my lifeeeee ;~; okay okay, I know. Don't tell me what to do next. Okay, I'll start now /start crying/ huaaaaaaaaaaaa! But for the rest papers, I achieved them with flying colours~~~~ Well, actually we've got only for Bahasa, Arabic and Maths and History paperssssss hahaha. Gotcha! I am not that brilliant clever enough and all of these are Allah's. He gives me those, He give me these. He is Almighty, Allah S.W.T
Okay, Happy Fasting and Ramadan Mubarak to you o/