Love those shirts. Damn, I want it.

Hey guys I have to be in a hurry for school. It's just a few hours from now. Hoho, why I really want to post an entry on this morning? Haha, I don't know maybe I'm going nuts. Well, I am rarely to post entry here, aite? Yah, just.. whatever omg it's hard haha.

I just opened up my Twitter and there's a lot of mentions but only a few online people. So, I ended to post an entry hehe. Now you know why haha This morning is really really f**king boring. Yesterday I didn't go to school because... you know me, the laziest. And I did try to ask my friends about the homework and they didn't answer... asdfghjkl yeah they're jerk. But still, they're still my friendssss. Actually, I just asked one of them ;A; stupid. I didn't online last night...

I don't know why I really want to be on-the-line right now. Typically, I will just sleep and wake up at 10 morning or maybe late than that. Hehehehe Eh, no no no. I did my prayer okay. I'm not as whut you're thinking right now. And and and, just now I've just read Quran. I shouldn't tell this. Yeah... ignore this please :-)

Do you know that, we can't be too showed-off? I mean, showing all the good things that we did to people is not awesome. Very. Okay skipppp

And after that, I've been thinking about my favourite movies. Yeahh, movie. I love movies :3 Okay it is... \jeng jeng jeng/ KILLERS ! It is Killers, people. Maybe you don't know which movie, is it? Okay, I'll put the trailer or something related. Wait, k.

Yeah, I found it. Hehehehehehe I've been obsessed with that. Actually, I like romance typed movie. But at the middle of their marriage, the girl finally knew who is her husband really is. I can watch it over and over again because I don't get bored. Okay okay. We stop it right now before I get my gaynessssssssss. lol Bye, people o/ Happy fasting!