Sadlife, I know.

Hey guys! Long time no see. I miss you guys so much. Actually, I miss this blog. This blog is where I write about my feelings. About my life. About what I want who I am and many more. But I've been in a long hiatus and I want to say sorry. A really really big sorry. Tsk, this blog is getting bored and I think I wanna make a challenge? Urgh, again? Don't want don't want. But... never mind. I was on the hiatus because of my friend. She is a girl. We fight just over a little thing. Homaigod, I can't suffer this anymoar T^T She keeps ignoring me when I talk to her, send her a message or even tweet to her. I guess I'm the one who ruined this friendship and this is so sad. I want her back. I want her I want her I want her omg. Frustrated and stressed. 

Okay, today I'm not going to school as our school teams want to make today as a holiday but I don't feel this is a holiday, somehow. Because of those hell homeworks ;A; Wae you exist, homework? Please say no no to the homework, everybody! Yeah, good. Okay, annoying. Well, I will enjoy the day 'till the dawn. And then all the fun will be gone. It'll be end soon. Really soon. It's tommorow, guys =.= Don't act like a fool. Homaigod, I'm so bad. Okay bye! Eh eh, enjoy this new template.
I can't wait for T-ARA, SUJU, NU'EST, LEDApple to make their comeback ;A;