Well, that's just me

Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhh guysssssssssss! It's been so long since my last entry /creys/ Today, I won't go to school for some reasons. Firstly, I hate school and last, I need a rest. Nonsense huh! /flips hair/ eh, wait. I don't have hair. Lololol actually I have but not so long as a girl. That means I'm not bald, okay. Talking about bald,... I remember when Nazihah Noona changed her twithandle to @baldcatwithfur. Hoho, it's so funneh. But then she changed it back (?)

On the past 3 days, I was struggle to finish answering for all the papers. And all 9 papers are so HARD /creys again/ this is cuz I did not make any revision orz
Well, that's just me.  But on the last day, after done writing answers on the last paper (Arabic), we've got the very marked paper and it was Bahasa Malaysia! Guess what grade did I get. c'mon babeh. Whuttttttt? C? Omg you're so mean /walks away/ Nahhhh it's not C lah you. It is A okay. But not A+ but A minus. hehehe 82%, okay what …

Wishing you a bless Eid Fitr

Assalamualaikum. Hi you, you and you. So, for now I'm writing a post. Hehe, finally right? Before I get back to my village I'd like to wish to every each of you to have a bless Eid Fitr. Please apologize all of my mistakes. Hehe, that's all. Oh, freely visit my house for duit raya 8D okay bye o/

2222nd followers!

Yo, I'm here again. Wait, is that a problem to you, ugh /flips hair/ Okay, not. Sorry. Today I'll be release or publish (?) something like that la. I'll reveal... yes reveal! The word that I need. Lol, keh. I will be revealing the TWO THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY-SECOND FOLLOWERS. Woah ;o; I've never thought that I'll get this much numbers of followers. First of all, thank you very very very very very much guys! Muah muah muah /flying kisses/ I don't know what made you interesting of this blog then you followed this blog. But I'm really appreciate it. Like every follower. Each of you, hehe. Muah, nah kiss lagi. Maybe because the tutorial, huh? Probably.

Okay, so who's the lucky guy? It is TONNA, everybody! Welp, her blog kinda a bit messy but the entries are interesting tho. But, yes again. But, the way she write, her grammar omg. /sorry if this sounds rude/ ;~; But, congratulations for being the 2222nd follower, Tonna. Thank you so much muah muah. …

Happy Birthday to the maknae

Guysssssssssssss omg omg. I missed his birthday. Tbh, I can't remember things well. Guess I'll get amnesia? Lol, let just go to point. Yesterday, and the yesterday was B1A4's maknae, Gong Chan Sik birthday /applause/ yay. luls I-I- I I I don't know what to say more. I'm just... ugh I don't know what to do sob sob. Then, here is the gift. lol, not really.

That's all. hehehehe bye \\\o/

Tutorial - Redirect

Today I will be making a new tutorial. Since there are a few of you asked about it, so I'll make it. Right now! Hehehe Keh tak nak cakap banyak. Leggo!

First, change your url to your new url. Dashboard > Settings > Change url.And then, let's make a new blog. Dashboard > New Blog > Write your old link here.Please revert your NEW BLOG to classic template and then put this codes in your Template HTML:
<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en">
<head><meta charset="UTF-8" />
<meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="1.5;url=http://karyuum.blogspot.com">
</head><style type="text/css">
body{background:#fff;font:12px 'Times New Roman';color:#333}
a{color:#aaa;-webkit-transition:.2s} a:hover{color:#333}
div{margin:80px 200px 0;}
h1{font:italic 30px 'Times New Roman';text-shadow:1px 1px 5px #fff;margin:0}

Blogskins - Beautiful night

Hey guys \o/ I just submitted a new skin. Inspired by BEAST'S Junhyung and Hhyunseung. Hehehe, well this layout is not a navigational one. Hmmm and I kinda feel that it's ugly, right? Hmm, well it's called Beautiful Night from the Midnight Sun album, BEAST's. Okay guys see yah \\o/

1st Giveaway - Win a free domain!

Hey people o/ Hoho rarely to update with giveaway post. Omg, seriously. This is the first time, I guess (?) I'm kinda hesitate of using English. Either Bahasa or English is a hard decision. Well, it's not actually. Hehehehe, saja je :p On this very damn tired bored day, I'll post right now. I've wrote a little already hahahaha

So for following the instructions, I have to make a wishlist. 5 wishlists. It's easy, bro. Blackberry Bold 9900 - Damn I want it I want it. Nanti dah habis raya nak kumpul duit, keh...iPad 2 - This, of course!DSLR - For this, I really want Nikon instead of Canon. I don't know why ;~;Mac Book Air - I just want it so badlyMake parents proud of me hehehehe And then... I have to write what's the reason of me want the domain so badly, aite? Well, it's because I want it lah. Haha keh stupid answer ever. Is it because I've been dreaming this for so looooong. Since I started blogging. I really want it then I've tried so many ways b…