2222nd followers!


Yo, I'm here again. Wait, is that a problem to you, ugh /flips hair/ Okay, not. Sorry. Today I'll be release or publish (?) something like that la. I'll reveal... yes reveal! The word that I need. Lol, keh. I will be revealing the TWO THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY-SECOND FOLLOWERS. Woah ;o; I've never thought that I'll get this much numbers of followers. First of all, thank you very very very very very much guys! Muah muah muah /flying kisses/ I don't know what made you interesting of this blog then you followed this blog. But I'm really appreciate it. Like every follower. Each of you, hehe. Muah, nah kiss lagi. Maybe because the tutorial, huh? Probably.

Okay, so who's the lucky guy? It is TONNA, everybody! Welp, her blog kinda a bit messy but the entries are interesting tho. But, yes again. But, the way she write, her grammar omg. /sorry if this sounds rude/ ;~; But, congratulations for being the 2222nd follower, Tonna. Thank you so much muah muah. Here, a follow-back. OMG, no follow button /creys/ sorry again, Tonna. sob sob
Okay, bye. That's all. Tomorrow or maybe tonight I will post an entry about this year Ramadan and upcoming Eid. I can't wait no moar~ /singing/ hoho bye again \\\\o///

p/s - I love each of my followers, ok. Note that.


  1. taknak kiss, nak duit raya.. lol XD chukkahae :D

  2. orang famous boleh lah............... bukan macam saya....

  3. Eleh Kihah. Padahal kau lagi banyak follower, jah. Dan lagi famous grr. Envy you.

  4. Yelloie Kim, ehem. Duit raya tak moleh meh. Jenuh nak pos~ haha


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