Well, that's just me

This is the poster of my new fanfic. hehe

Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhh guysssssssssss! It's been so long since my last entry /creys/ Today, I won't go to school for some reasons. Firstly, I hate school and last, I need a rest. Nonsense huh! /flips hair/ eh, wait. I don't have hair. Lololol actually I have but not so long as a girl. That means I'm not bald, okay. Talking about bald,... I remember when Nazihah Noona changed her twithandle to @baldcatwithfur. Hoho, it's so funneh. But then she changed it back (?)

On the past 3 days, I was struggle to finish answering for all the papers. And all 9 papers are so HARD /creys again/ this is cuz I did not make any revision orz
Well, that's just me. 
But on the last day, after done writing answers on the last paper (Arabic), we've got the very marked paper and it was Bahasa Malaysia! Guess what grade did I get. c'mon babeh. Whuttttttt? C? Omg you're so mean /walks away/ Nahhhh it's not C lah you. It is A okay. But not A+ but A minus. hehehe 82%, okay what :3 Friends get B! Mwhahaha *evil laugh* Now, I'm the one who is mean. Hehe, not overall but my boy friends... eh not that BF thingy but my friends which are male sexed, they got B. Hmm, kesian.
Well, that's just me. Being so mean to friends.
Tapi budak lelaki aje lah. If girls, I'll treat them as hmmmm. wait, I don't know lol.

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I've posted the ninth episode of TLO. Yeah TLO, This Love is Ours. If you're my ff reader, you'll know this. But if you aren't... whotevah. Click >>>here<<< to read it. And I also did a new design with dat ff blog. Hehehe. Just click >>>here<<< if you want to cekidautttt. And and and! And I also in progress to post a new drama! Hihihi, it is Invisible Tears. Don't know when will I start to post it to that blog. Hmm, okay bye \o/



  1. kyaaa ~~~ tak sabar nak tunggu "Invisible Tears" keluar ^^ OMG , Taengoo & Bacon lah !! forever BaekYeon . lol ._. anyways , cepat buat. im waiting. HAHA XD

  2. OMG someone's already waiting ;A; leklu leklu hahaha


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