stupid awards. pabo.


Sorry for the really qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm title. Lol whut -.- It's all about MAMA. Err benci benci benci. /kills MAMA/ not my mama but Mnet Asian Music Awards, am I right? Ugh why do I even could remember dat -.- Sorry for dis not-so-good mood. I hate it because B1A4 tak di-nominate dalam apa-apa category TT^TT /creys over the river/ har har har what is so wrong with me. Okay this is why the title reads as dat.

Oyeah. How is my new looks? Am I pretty enough? uhuk uhuk *duckface* /doctor gave me 5 days MC/ Okay, tahulah i buruk. You tu je yang cantik gila meletop haaa. Eh eh, Carly's Beautiful have been released about a month ago and how the hell I even don't know DIS -.- fufufufuuuuuuu don't even continue completing this word. Okay, dat Beautiful featuring Justin Bieber is so good to hear to. Yeah I'm listening to it RIGHT NOW. I dah download pun, youuuu.
Furthermore, BAP will make their special stage, comeback tomorrow (Friday). Yay tak sabarnya. Lagu…

like... anybody cares?

Assalamualaikum and Hello.

Today will be my boring day. As I will just sit around my house and doing nothing. Lol, no. I'll make some stuff today. Maybe continue writing my fanfic. Yeah, dah lama betul tak terusik. Anyway, sorry sebab dah lama tak update. I am very sorry. Sorry sorry sorry :c

Bukannya apa, just... masa langsung tak mengizinkan. Ceh wah, lol aku. Actually, I don't know what to do today. So, I decide to download a movie. Just a. Only one. As this WiFi could make me frustrated... What movie huh? It is Battleship. Yeah, I am so ketinggalan. But, nak tunggu keluar dekat HBO bukan main lama lagi. Atau pun dekat Fox Movies Premium. Oh, hari tu saya ada tonton cerita Real Steel. It was a very motivating movie! The moral value that I get from it is, "Just don't give up".
Last night, I just watched A Walk To Remember with my sister. She said that this movie is so sad :c But I don't know which part that she had cried on. Haha, what am I saying -.- But b…