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Yo. Waddup? Yeah today I’ll be making my postponed challenge. You know, that poster challenge, the one that Nana Johari made. I guess I’m still stuck with TASK 3. Lol okay whatever, I’ll post my posters today. These posters are... I don’t know what to describe but I simply made it just by adding this adding that and done! So you could say “I am not struggling in making this” but... It’s 11:59pm and I started making those posters at 7 or 8 o’clock. I spent about 4/5 hours woah. So, let’s change to “I have done all my best”.

So, this is it:
TASK 3: Make a romcom poster/graphic using bias' 1 photo with 4 different colors

TASK 4: Make a romantic/angst poster using your otp of bias' 5 with 3 colors only [black/gray.white.other]

TASK 5: Make a dark angst poster using bias' 7 photo with another optional character [black background]

TASK 6: Make an action/thriller poster using bias' 10 photo

LOOOOOL! I guess these are my holy amazing artwork so …

Lost it

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The seniors were still babbling at the front and I was like... "whut the hewl, let's just end this". As I saw the crowd started to set their ass back home. Ugh, this KOKO thing that they do every Wednesday is very very very tiring and sucks and I don't get any point of making this. To make the students tired or what. Maybe to make us having a busy life or so. Stupid school.

I walked out passing the gate which is at the very end of the school. And what I hate about this gate is, it'll be locked in the morning and won't let the student use it. We must use the main gate. Ugh, frustrating enough, headmaster. Stop this stop this.

I still remember how I had been ignored by the guard at the front gate. Laugh out loud, they supposed to arrest me cause I was so late that morning. Maybe because my short size and I wore sport shirt on that day, so... Alhamdullilah.

Walked here and walked there, I had no idea what I did last Wednesday

January first

Hello guys. I'm here finally... after about three (or more or less but I'd choose more instead lol this is just a bracket words whatever I say.....) days of making myself invisible. Not really............ I'm just being me. Since my last post, I can't even remember when but ummm maybe but let's just drop it. Actually, my laptop is being its own way like it did last time. It kept disallowing me to open some websites such as the Tumblr, Twitter and Blogger. So, I manage to use Safari for the time being. I guess I need a new laptop though v.v

Back days, my family and i went to the Setia City Mall as it's the newest Mall built nearer and to leisure ourselves for the New Year celebration. So, for me. I'd chose the MPH Bookstore, of course. But, they've managed what to do there at the first place so uhm... I just followed it. Firstly we went to the bowling centre and I'm not sooooooooo in mood as I'm not good with it. Let's guess how much pins I m…