January first

Hello guys. I'm here finally... after about three (or more or less but I'd choose more instead lol this is just a bracket words whatever I say.....) days of making myself invisible. Not really............ I'm just being me. Since my last post, I can't even remember when but ummm maybe but let's just drop it. Actually, my laptop is being its own way like it did last time. It kept disallowing me to open some websites such as the Tumblr, Twitter and Blogger. So, I manage to use Safari for the time being. I guess I need a new laptop though v.v

Back days, my family and i went to the Setia City Mall as it's the newest Mall built nearer and to leisure ourselves for the New Year celebration. So, for me. I'd chose the MPH Bookstore, of course. But, they've managed what to do there at the first place so uhm... I just followed it. Firstly we went to the bowling centre and I'm not sooooooooo in mood as I'm not good with it. Let's guess how much pins I made? We played for two games. I got 91 pins for the first while 30+ (I can't recall it as I said, it was boring) pins only.  See, I really can't play it well but my uncle (forget to mention, he and his sons do come with us) said, I've a potential with bowling heh. He said that because I made a SPARE. Not even Strike lah, uncle.

While we were enjoying ourselves playing it (I wasn't), then came a boy. He's a worker at the centre, fyi. He suddenly asked wether we're wearing the socks or not. So............... yeah my dad HAD to buy a pair of brand new socks just for me. It was sucks. I told you. I wish I knew that we must wear socks for bowling. And then we went for lunch at the very KFC at SCM. It was small but it could afford a very big number of customers. Well, it's a very well-known restaurant, Qayyum. Okay okay.

I ordered for the very new menu, shrimps! It was tasteful but in my counts, the shrimps are just 3 out of 5. And a KFC's fried chicken. As I finished them, my sister asked for a walk in the mall from my dad and he allowed us. I kept asking her to bring me to MPH but she did is only..... wait, she did nothing. Walked there walked here and then went to that shop, this shop, took for the elevator to go up, and down, and up again (LOL I did not do the elevator thingy). Then we met up with my dad at the Famous Amos small store. It was cute, for me. And there was so much Christmas candies as the big Christmas tree at there too.

And finally, I was able to go to the MPH. I wished to buy Malay novels in the first place but I by any chances, took a package of The Hunger Games novel and I was like.... could I read this? Am I capable of it? Oh no oh yes oh nooooo. I will say no. But I picked it already, what to do? So I bought a package of The Hunger Games novel considering The Hunger Games, Cathcing Fire and Mockingjay for only RM60 (not the exact price). As I am the member of MPH, I got discount for it so... and yes! I've started to read it but not finish yet. Maybe at the end of this month, I am maybe have finished for the book 1. Ha ha ha

The original books are like these...

but I'm reading for the rebook motion version like those.

So, I guess this is our end for today. I'm actually have so much things to write but I don't want to make it confuse by adding this adding that. Because you won't read it as you'll be confused as I'm doing it right now but why you're reading this? Hahaha, okay goodbye. XX Happy New Year and Welcome back to School (this shouldn't be a wish tho lol)
My school is just a-okay-o.


  1. "i kept refusing her for bring me to the MPH" Apa punya ayat ni Qay -.-''

  2. lol salah okay okay jangan lah marah Lyssa ni =3= qay malas nak check grammar

  3. Bukan grammar yg salah penggunaan ayat tu salah Refuse means like deny or Tak nak or Tolak Jadi ayat Qay mcm "Saya tetap tak nak dia untuk bawak saya ke MPH" lol -.- klu Qay nak guna "tolak" dia ke MPH" patutnya "I kept pushing her to take me to the MPH" ataupun guna ni "I kept asking her to bring me to the MPH" cemtu ^^

  4. Cehh =.= Qay dah tukar rupanya penat ja Lyssa tulis Alasan T^T


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