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The seniors were still babbling at the front and I was like... "whut the hewl, let's just end this". As I saw the crowd started to set their ass back home. Ugh, this KOKO thing that they do every Wednesday is very very very tiring and sucks and I don't get any point of making this. To make the students tired or what. Maybe to make us having a busy life or so. Stupid school.

I walked out passing the gate which is at the very end of the school. And what I hate about this gate is, it'll be locked in the morning and won't let the student use it. We must use the main gate. Ugh, frustrating enough, headmaster. Stop this stop this.

I still remember how I had been ignored by the guard at the front gate. Laugh out loud, they supposed to arrest me cause I was so late that morning. Maybe because my short size and I wore sport shirt on that day, so... Alhamdullilah.

Walked here and walked there, I had no idea what I did last Wednesday. I guess, I had told my dad to pick me by 5. 5 sharp. Oh my god, and he wasn't there. So, I had to go to the shop to buy some candies and I'll get coins. Those coins will be slotted in the public phone. This is another reason why I hate school. They made words to allow us bringing mobile phone or gadget or whatever but... you knew it.

So, I was successfully called my mother to grab me at the bus stop in front of the school. As I was waiting, there is someone I know enough to remember. It was Akak Nisa. Oh my god guys, this is our second meeting ha ha ha. But we did nothing. Just said a 'Hi' to each other and kept waiting for our parents. I bet my butt that my face was so red. Okay lie, my skins are dark so it's hard to recognize weather I get reddish or not.

As I finished up my drink, which in the translucent purple water case, my mother arrived with her gold in colour Kelisa. As we did nothing, I ended up to give Akak Nisa a sweet that I bought and the shop for changing money to coins. And the way she thanked me is very adorable ugh ugh She is very cute and nice and pretty and I adore her. Hehe

On my way home, I told my mom to return at the bus stop because..... I forgot to bring along my purple bottle.............zzz this is how my sad life is. Welcome.  But mom didn't turning back and she said, "let's just get a new bottle, okay?". I didn't get what is she trying to say because... ugh forget it. "But mom, why don't we just go back to the bus stop and take it instead?" ughhh So I guess, I will not bring any bottle to the school anymore.

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Hi guys! It's been a fortnight (or more or less) since my New Year's Eve post, right? Lol, so above us is a story how I lost my bottle carelessly at the bus stop. Zzz, it's boring, right? But who cares? Instead of leaving my blog with no entry, so better I put up a story here. I did a change on this blog. It looks plainer than the previous layout. And I don’t like this layout but I love how wide the post is. Actually, it’s because of a copycat. I hate being copied by others. I HATE I HATE. LET ME REPEAT, I HATE WHOEVER DID OPEN MY SOURCE PAGE. I WON'T ALLOW YOU FROM DOING IT. Okay, that’s all. Bye guys, we’ll meet again. I’ll maybe posting a new tutorial as there is someone asked me to do so.



  2. HAHAHAHAHA bagilah hadiah hari jadi =3=


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