Let's pretend

Hi hello hi hello. Assalamualaikum. Lol, annoying opener. I just finished desinging this not-so-cool blog. Eww eww look at what I've done. But... I kinda like my own (eww) new header lol. Because there is Channie \o/ Next theme would be Yixing's....heh Oh, this Channie's photo was taken for the valentine. I didn't celebrate because what for? LOL I don't have girlfriends ewwwwwwwwwwwww

I didn't do much changes but...this is too much LOL I added Google Friend button, and omg i am so poyo. I am so poyo, poyo to put that follower gadget. Macam menunjuk pulak, whatever. But I didn't change my tutorial page. It's kinda...quite...some...sorta............... ketinggalan zaman. YO KNOW? Ketinggalan zama dalam BI pun entah aku tak tahu mwahaha

Anyway, I deleted some of the tutorials because... I was frustrated and I didn't know why I delete it (?) because I was frustrated and I didn't know why. Eh, did I just repeat a nine-words sentence? Oh yes. Oh my go…