Hello... I know it's been a while

I wonder where you are, and if you think of me.

Assalamualaikum. Ehem ehem, fixing throat. Oh my god I'm not having a sore throat okay okay. First of all, I want to mention that I am really really damn gosh sorry for not posting any entries here. Okay, I got my reasons and I will share it to you, you and you.

Regarding this big year, PMR is making its way right to me and it is really frustrating me up. Firstly, the tests that my school made for us, PMR last candidate, oh my god we are the last batch ugh ugh (this is making me stressed, actually). They called it as MENITI GEMILANG. A great effort but students don't like it that much. But, it still gives us benefits. Meniti Gemilang or MG, I write here is about making the candidate to have a fever of the BIG GREAT KILLING PMR. The principal of our school said, on the Monday assemble, "This program is right to make you as a candidate to feel the fever of the upcoming PMR." Which we have to do it several times 'till the month of July. But, we can do a talk with friends during the test hehehehe

Secondly, KERJA KURSUS (or should I call it kurus as my Geography teacher call it so). When our Geo teacher, Pn. Atifah stated that we cannot using Microsoft to make it done... okay we did shout okay. Like... WHAT?! ARE U CRAZY? OUT OF UR MIND?! LOL I wasn't really like that but my friends were. They said that their handwriting wasn't that nice. And so that, they couldn't make it properly but I bet they can if they have a hard will to finish okay. I believe that they also can do a really nice handwriting (as mine isn't that nice too, har har). But my point is, we have to deliver it by the end of this week and I don't think I can make it. I still don't make any preparation. Hmm hmm okay qayy, keep sighing.

Okay I guess that's all for today. Oh I had written a draft for "Invisible Tears" lol. I know I'm late... tsk okay good-bye!