What do we think who we are.

Assalamualaikum. OK, I want to make this post strictly saying to what its point but... You know me, right? I'm actually writing this as a preparation for tomorrow's paper. English. Both I and II. And paper II Science. It's been a very tiring day when you woke up early in the morning, 4 am to be exact. bla bla bla


HAHA. It was an opener for an entry I planned to post on a night of 14th May but... hahaha I couldn't finish it and I left it just like that. Ayoyo
Anyway, I want to make an apologize here for whoever 'terasa' with my previous post. Cuz I just can't shut about it. I need to share with people and Alhemdulilah I had my friends when I needed them the most. I confessed to them right away I had problems. They are real friends :)
And and and... guess what! I just finished my exam just like others but I had to attend to school for another extra classes. Finally, today, IT'S OVER! Yahhhh~~~
I'm tired actually, studying (eve…