What do we think who we are.

Assalamualaikum. OK, I want to make this post strictly saying to what its point but... You know me, right? I'm actually writing this as a preparation for tomorrow's paper. English. Both I and II. And paper II Science. It's been a very tiring day when you woke up early in the morning, 4 am to be exact. bla bla bla


HAHA. It was an opener for an entry I planned to post on a night of 14th May but... hahaha I couldn't finish it and I left it just like that. Ayoyo

Anyway, I want to make an apologize here for whoever 'terasa' with my previous post. Cuz I just can't shut about it. I need to share with people and Alhemdulilah I had my friends when I needed them the most. I confessed to them right away I had problems. They are real friends :)

And and and... guess what! I just finished my exam just like others but I had to attend to school for another extra classes. Finally, today, IT'S OVER! Yahhhh~~~

I'm tired actually, studying (even tho I play around a lot, hehe), going schools, doing homework and so on. I bet other PMR candidates feel the same way I do. We're just too stressed! Too stressed and too hard to handle. Okay ini poyo gila. Ustazah once said to me, to all my classmate that stress is needed for you. We didn't get the point at that time so we were like, HA! LOL but what she meant is; Lazy people don't feel the stress like the way we do. So, If you aren't stressed, that's mean you're not studying hard for PMR. 

That's what she said lah. But, actually... I don't feel the stress hAHAHAHA.

Two more things to say... 

You know that I pet a couple of rabbits, right? Ha yes! They made babies! Bunnies! They were so cute 'till they dead. The female rabbit produced 4 bunnies but unfortunately, a bunny had aborted. So equally, I got 3 bunnies. And unfortunately again... a couple of them died already. And it continued 'till there is no more bunnies. Sad life... I guess, my brother, my sister and me don't know how to pet rabbits. Hahaha

And finally... what I want to say is... I've just read ASRAMA by Muhammad Fatrim. A malay horror novel. I give 8 appoint 10 for it. Extremely horror! And continuously suspense scenes. But somehow I feel like this novel isn't that logic. Like... weird things happen. But is OKAY to read.

Okay that's all. For right now... I got only 2 As with 2 Cs... ONLY. Like... I got C? WHAT? Hahahaha this's me hmm. Oh! How about my blog's new-look? Hehehe okay thank you thank you. Okay bye guys!