Hazy weekdays

Hi guys! Long time no see. Uhukk firstly, I want to make an apologize for all of who'd leave me a tag on my tagboard. Sorry that I don't have time to reply all of them. But I'd read every single one. Thank you for supporting me through all these years. I love you /throws loves/

Heh, I'm such a poyo.

Haha this is my first time updating blog using my brand new phone (poyo detected). It's quite random and awkward at the same time.

What I want to say for today's that I am in a holiday now regarding the not-so-good air condition in Malaysia. What to mention is that I am so bored and that's why I am updating my blog right now. Ahaha and... at the same time, I am fasting right now homagad.

I don't have much stories to tell... I am blank lol. Okay bye guys! Salam nisfu sya'aban.

P/s - It is nisfu (separuh/setengah) and not nifsu which could be nafsu for the meanings.