Let me guess,

Hey folks!

I've just changed my blog designs. It's somehow ugly... but I don't care (flips my hairy head). WOAHHHH It's been ages since my last post ha ha ha. Let me guess, oh yes yes. My last post was on Raya Night. And, it wouldn't be a post as I made a quickpost but a quickpost may somehow a same type of a post but with a shorter and less words but-

ANYWAY-, I just sent an order to VR and it's been confirmed already. So, tomorrow I'll have to tell my dad to bank-in all-total RM257 but since the machine won't accept any 1 ringgit notes, so I have to pay 260 overall. What's the benefit of the discount did I just get, LMAO.

Regarding the last thrilling month, my PMR trial result has just released. OMG, this is not even a digital single LOL. Nor neither an album. I don't know weather to show it here or not... maybe I will. Oh yea I am. Wait, (opening photoshop) (opening sapsnkra/blablabla).

Blurred Lines lol

So,... 4A's with 4B's without 1C. Zzzz They said it's okay but for me, it's just so-so. I hate Cs I hate you I hate you let's break up and never meet again. By the way, what's my purpose on blurring the C, ha ha ha.

The same problem that occurred in the back last months, it's coming back and hunting me down. I just can't hold onto it, problems please just go away. I don't need you. I hate this frustrating-friendship-problem. Ugh!

So, guys. Please pray for me the best of the best. In Shaa Allah.



  1. Congrats! :) I know you can do more better in real examination later. Keep faith to Allah. InsyaAllah you can face it strongly whatever problem occur ;)

  2. @Alis; Den tak minat Sains, nak buat cemana TvT

    @Arinna; Hehe thank you so much sis TvT Insha Allah, if He wills

  3. It's okay. Your result was better than me. Keep on! Doakan saya untuk menghadapi PMR tahun ni.

  4. waaa congratulations! ><
    you did a good job already! you worked hard, right?
    and i actually -do- like your blog design now okay :"D huhu

  5. @Khairina; hehe thank you and goodluck for our results. Sorry late, anyway.

    @Dinda; haha dinda omg omg seriously ;_; thank youuuuu. "DO" haha thanks again


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