Hi pepel!


Hi everybody! So, I'm going to post an entry for this blog like... yeah, i can't believe this. Since I've been prepared myself for the PMR, I don't have enough time to post anything. So, here we are. Here it is, I'M BACK! I'm actually wanting to write in Malay because... nah, no need to know why but I'm writing in English instead, right now. Like seriously, I can't change.

Is it the Miley Cyrus affection with her 'I Can't Be Tamed' that caused me this LOL NO! Hey, have you guys watch both Wrecking Ball and We Can't Stop? LMAO

I don't know what to write but I'm sure I have alot to tell,... write, actually. So, yeah, congratulations to me for the so-called 'Independence Day'. Budak at school call it so-

Today, is Thursday. Yesterday I didn't attend to school for some reasons. Yeah, woke up late. How did you know zzz. OK, when I went to school this morning, I felt very different in my class. Am I an Invisible…