quikpost: Bring me joy

Hi fellas! Salam Maal Hijrah for all Muslim readers, firstly. Sorry but I have to be quick. Yeah, pali pali. I have alot to share, to write and to tell actually but um... just see.

So, I'm done editing the new layout or template or skin or whatever you call it as long as I've changed it and I'm satisfied enough but somehow it may look ugleh. Wait, it is ugle? FINE, you guys hAHAHAHA. Sorry, that wasn't supposed to be in capitals. I get inspired by David's tumblr theme. Check it riiiight here. He did bettah than me, but who cares. This is my blog! Everything here is completely rights reserved. I too, don't know what the meaning is but let's just continue typing this hehehe.

I change my Twitter username somehow because I now lately admire Justin Bieber more than EXO or even B1A4. OMG, I suddenly miss my hyungsss. #StayHealty hyung muah~ It is @kimdrhl. Do you see a "KIM" in it? Yeah me too. Glad to knowing that, i'm thinking about changing my n…