quickpost: get out mi way peasants

"Get out mi way peasants". That sentence keep playing in my head and I keep using even on my blog hahaha image

So I just changed my blog design and style (again) image. I hope you like it because I love it but... each of my design has it flaws so um. This is not a perfect design yet.

Frankly, I'm not sleeping yet image. I don't know why am I being like this because today I'll be receiving the awaiting PMR result. If you don't know what PMR is, PMR is like a big examination that held every year for all the 15 years old student in every High Schools. So, basically it's like my big achievement if I get the result with flying colours. Every students dream of it. So do I and I really hope I'll get it. INSHA Allah.
There is no more powerful than God. I put my trust in His faith.
Okay guys bye! Good luck to me! lol image
InshaAllah, Amin. image


  1. InshAllah Qay boleh. Akak fiqa doakan! Amin! Amin! Ohhh ye. Hari nih amik result. Banyak kan doa ngan istighfar taw.

  2. ahaha akak, dah dapat dah. Alahamdulillah TvT


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