Can you hear me?

Assalam 'aleikum,
Praise to the only one God,
the Almighty and the All-Knowing.

Hello guys! It has been a while, right? Good to see everyone again (not really but,) I mean, virtually. So, this is me: Muhammad Qayyum, the writer of this blog. Greetings! To all who may not know me.




It's so awkward...zzz

To be honest, I really don't know what to write, like right now. Like, what am I doing? Showing off or what? Nah, I'm just doing what I wanna do with passion. Because blogging is like my hobby but it could be as a passion somehow. But, lately it seems like I've been ignoring my own blog like, how could you Qayy?!

Hahaha, I'm now back with a new name new template new link and new me. New template, again? LOL, let it just be like this for months, inshaAllah. I got inspired by this blog. The dots and the colors. But, psst:- I opened up the source page to copy the navigation code. Don't bash omg please don't. I'm sorry for doing it LOL. Qayyum Shahimi or QS in short is a cmobination of my father's name and mine. And if you notice that my favicon (the icon that shows up besides the URL link in your browser), I made it as "qs" in low capital letters but unfortunately it looks like "95" but nevermind, just leave it like that.

Oh! I forgot to renew the 'About Me' section. Give me time, people.

Hm, this paragraph i'll be telling you about the transformation I made recently. I'm changing slowly to be better. Like they said, I'm on a Hijrah. And May Allah keep me in his guidance and mercy. Consequently, I changed my blog url or link (again) to as a part of this tranformation. Besides, I'll be going to SBP next week InshaAllah. SBP? As I passed the PMR examination with flying colours, I fortunately got a letter from Sekolah Menengah Sains (SMS) Banting as an offer.

Sorry, I'm not showing off.

Let's end it here. Thank you for reading. Pray me for the best of best.

May Allah bless us all