YEAY Holiday!

I'm on a holiday hooray!

Hello guys, it's been a very long time I haven't seen you guys in this blog by posting entries. Yeah, I'm very excited, about the whole thing that happened to me lately.

The utmost important is my mom has given her birth safely for the 6th child. Her name's Fatimah Azzahrah. It's uh... quite the same with my friend's name, yeah back then in BASIS. This is how the story goes...

It was 4 o'clock in the morning when mom felt something disturbing with her belly or something. I am so lacking of idea. But what comes in my mind for that moment was BABY! It must be mom giving her sixth birth.

Actually, mom had been admitted to hospital two days ago after making several check-ups for the baby. Surprisingly, the doctor forced to not let mom go home to be examined because of her diabetes problems. It's just her normal sugar rate increased and some stuff which I don't REALLY want to know.

the new family, Zahra
In a nutshell, Fatimah was born in Hospital Besar Klang and gratefully she was every-thing-healthy. Except that her due date was actually on November 29th.

Next is that I am offered to be joined the Sidang Redaksi Team of BASIS. I really don't know if I'd be proud or something because I don't think so. Well, I've got tonnes of works to do before getting home. And it was sucks, yeah. But I got the chance to design the new magazine for this year, yay!

I am currently reading If I Stay by Gayle Forman. Which I bought the novel at MPH and I don't know why but I just can't resist to not having a member card. So what I did, I picked a value-buy pack novels of Gayle Forman which consists If I Stay and the sequel Where She Went, and a palm note book as a gift for my dearest friend (who will be leaving Malaysia next year) and then I went straight to the counter and asked for subscribing to be a member and I'd to pay RM20/ 2yrs which I think it is worthy. And the book is great (actually, I've already read half of it with a little help of friend, who kindly let me borrowed her If I Stay hehe).

this is how where she went novel looks like
And lastly, I'm not using Classic Template anymoooore! I don't know, I just want to try something new and adventurous and tadah! This is what it turned to be (although many parts still haven't finished yet). This new theme, it feats Taylor Swift with her Blank Space song and quote, "I can show you incredible things." and of course, a simple yet stylish template (don't bash me for doing this complement of myself) LOL.

OK, that's all.
Happy holiday, Malaysia!

I bought a FIXI combo of Kougar + Tabu