Six of 365

Hi guys.

I know it's been a while since our last meeting. Not really though but a month ago, I guess? I rarely post anything here. I'm so sorry. Only God knows how I should feel right now.

Hard sigh.

I know it's 2015 already. It's the year of SPM. Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. A big year for 1998's batch students.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Forget the whole paragraphs above. It was me tryna writing a piece of some bullshits of my life. About two days ago. I may look a little fucked up here. Yeah, very right. I may list all my problems like right now:

  1. I still not finished my packing yet. 
  2. All my clothes (that should be ironed) are not ironed yet.
  3. I only got like plenty hours left till the day of tomorrow.
  4. I hate going back to school.
  5. My homework are not done yet.
  6. The instruction for the things above went missing.
  7. I feel like I could die.
  8. No more internet life.
  9. I have to be all-focused this year --SPM.
  10. Lastly, this blog's designs are sucks.
By the ways, I can't wait to see all my friends. Haven't seen them in a while for a very long time.

I'm so bored right now. Do you, by any chance know a guy named Lucky Blue Smith? I'm a big fan of him :') 


Till we meet again.