Ceritakan perjalanan hidup anda

Assalamualaikum and hello!

So, I just opened my ask.fm account and noticed many untouched questions which I mean, still not answered. Well, I've answered all (gladly) but there's a question that... uh clingy? So I want to continue here. Okay, shoot.

The question is: Ceritakan perjalanan hidup anda sejak kecil sehingga kini :)

So this is my answer:

Well I'll try. Masa kecil dulu aku dalam perut emak. Setelah 9 bulan 10 hari berlalu, bertarikh 16 Januari (masa itu tahun 1998). Kalau nak tahu, bulan Januari tahun 1998 adalah bulan puasa. Maknanya, aku lahir pada 17 Ramadan 1418H. Aku dilahirkan di Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang (maaf tapi aku lupa masa yang tepat). Masa kecil dulu aku tinggal di Kampung Bukit Kerayong. Emak dan ayah bukan orang yang berada. Jadi, aku selalu bermain bersama-sama saudaraku di kampung dahulu. Semasa umurku 3 atau 4 tahun, aku pindah ke Bukit Kapar (juga kampung tapi lebih dekat ke pekan). Ayah beli rumah sewa masa itu. Beberapa bulan sele…

No need for you

Through Thick of Thin of Friendships.

No need for you to come back home and pledge yourself to me as I reach your hand to fit with mine but what I wanted to do was to hug you warmly but my ego kept telling me to not do so.

No need for you to wish myself a luck or upon every birthdays to cover your lies and threaten over me because I will never believe you again until you are really sorry for what have you done to me.

No need for you to give hopes of which are all fake and black because the moment I heard the words from your shitty mouth I could feel it –the lies and deceitful.

No need for you to twist around about everything as I already know you, yourself who is greedy, selfish and so pretentious telling me all the things you have done for me.

But please be right next to me again whenever you're ready, so we can build our castles together and chase our dreams that would never been tainted or ruined by others.

Because it is you:
the one who always been there when I need you the ve…