I pick ‘inception' as the title of today's post is just because it's already the year of two thousand and sixteen (2016) and I haven't posted anything yet. So, I'm thinking more about the beginning and the synonym of it is inception. Yep, I just googled it hahahahaha. Never mind that. I've been working around to find myself a job and discover things to do but I think I'm failing (this is disaster!).

I made some resolutions for this new year although it may seem outdated because it's already January 9th but nothing is too late to do good things, right? Truthfully is that I actually didn't intend to list down any of my self-improvement lists hahaha. Well, let's just see.

To do well or conversely; it's all up to you.

This year I'd like to utilise my aptitude for enabling these goals to happen with great elan. To keep battling or to lose it, to do better or ruin it, to shine or to doom – sometimes, what matters is your capability in doing so and I believe if I just have enough faith, then I can surely successfully doing whatever I want. Let's cut the cackle, these are the things I want (or need) to resolve:
  • Get accepted to any foundation courses (dentistry if possible) at any universities (excluding IPTS) or to any matriculation colleges for a science stream.
  • Get hired for any jobs as soon as possible and collect lots of money (and don't spend it relentlessly).
  • Post entries on this blog regularly, stay occupied and try to increase the blog's stat.
  • Try not to drool too much over Justin Bieber or any biases (unless if it's provisional).
  • Lastly, get a life!
So, I successfully made a list and I'm hoping to achieve all those five points. Number 2, it's conditional: for the first three (or four) months on 2016 only. I'm thinking about doing a part time when having a long semester break, if possible though.

That's all. Have a nice day, everyone!
I hope you like my new blog design. I was having so much trouble while doing it hahahahaha. My blog is now is responsive designed so you can read my blog on your phone easily.


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