Ssup?! I am back after about several months I've been away and here I am, writing a post for this entry. I'm pretty amazed with what I'm doing right now, basically because it's like out of control like I was quite a jerk to not be able posting anything on this blog lately. So, I'm pretty surprised with my achievement hahahaha

Things are going well lately. I want to revise my resolutions which I wrote about a month ago in this post.
 Get accepted to any foundation/matriculation programmes
 Get hired for any jobs
 Post entries on this blog regularly So, out of 3 (which I think measurably relevant), I got 1 ticked hahaha but I think the first one should be achieved (or at least, done) for the next month inshaAllah (if God wills) and the third is really something I can't like totally occupied with it so pass it.

There is an event which I may consider it funny and yet pesky. Yes, I got hired for a job at a petrol pump station. The moment I received a message from the …