Ssup?! I am back after about several months I've been away and here I am, writing a post for this entry. I'm pretty amazed with what I'm doing right now, basically because it's like out of control like I was quite a jerk to not be able posting anything on this blog lately. So, I'm pretty surprised with my achievement hahahaha

Things are going well lately. I want to revise my resolutions which I wrote about a month ago in this post.
Cross Mark Get accepted to any foundation/matriculation programmes
Heavy Check Mark Get hired for any jobs
Cross Mark Post entries on this blog regularly
So, out of 3 (which I think measurably relevant), I got 1 ticked hahaha but I think the first one should be achieved (or at least, done) for the next month inshaAllah (if God wills) and the third is really something I can't like totally occupied with it so pass it.

There is an event which I may consider it funny and yet pesky. Yes, I got hired for a job at a petrol pump station. The moment I received a message from the company, I was very excited that I had be given an opportunity, an offer to work there. The salary is quite expensive, reaches 1k but the un-good story here is that I quitted the job after about... a day. Don't blame me, blame the people around me since that this happened because of them (quite true).

I am used to this whole situation where I go to bed late, or I wake up in the afternoon, or got nothing to be working on. So, it's pretty annoying that I had to go through all of it at once but the good thing is I'm free to do anything I want. Either way, it ain't that convincing to post an entry on this blog, so pardon my manner.

I'm looking forward to receiving the upcoming SPM results next week or to be more precise, on the next Thursday. So, hopefully everyone will pray for the best of the best.

Muhammad Qayyum bin Shahimi & his friends will get straight A's results! 
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