I don't know how this happened but I just came up a video which is a very beautiful video (you must watch it too) on Youtube and I just can't get over how they gloriously sing the song and I cried, I swear.

It's been a week (plus days) since the SPM results came out and I've received it safely, well I mean my school from home is quite a distance and it took more than 1 hour (plus minus). So, gladly I made it to school. Unfortunately what's coming next, hurt me deeply in my soul. The results are nothing to be proud of but I'm so grateful because what I've gotten was beyond my expectations. All praises to Allah SWT, The Almighty and Graceful.

Jangan terkezot sangat tengok ni hahahaha

It's pretty decent, huh? So, what's more important is what I'm planning to do for the next life, I mean the university life. But I'm not really thinking to further my study at the university but I'm thinking more for matriculations and it's so much to be grateful of if I get any foundation courses. Well, let's just see.

That's all, goodbye.


  1. Woww congratulations qay!My advice if you want to enter matriculation, you must get ready with physical and mental hehe.Akak dah nak habis dah matrik uuu sedih pulak rasanya nak tinggal matrik T^T

    1. GOODLUCK SIS ANIS!! InshaAllah dah lama ready for all aspects cewah. And thank you so much!


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