So, I'm back, finally since ages at bay. It has been a couple of weeks since I last updated anything on this blog. In favour of that, it was a course review post which you can barely know how my life is going on at the moment. So, today really is the day I decided to post an entry upon my daily life struggles.

Before that, I've changed my blog theme and it's kind of more to pink-blue hue theme, which I like it very much. Anyhow, I was inspired by this anime wallpaper I downloaded a long time ago. It's a scenery of blue to purple sky. So, I blended the colour, trying to play with the hues and the outcome is really amazing. Okay, for this exactly time being, I feel very weird not to use emojis, wait how do I do that here on a laptop?

It is beautiful, I must admit.
I figured it out! 😉 Blogger actually did an awesome job to add up the emoji tab in the create-a-post page. It's pretty convenient for an obsessed emojis user like me. I mean, it's 2017 already. Who don't use emojis? 😝

I picked this title for this post is because of the upcoming Ramadan, the fasting month. I really hope I'd get to be able to be fasting again this year. Aside from that, I do have many hopes upon my life, for the future. I don't really like thinking for what's gonna happen next, all the what if's and maybe's. I'm happy for the present just as it is. Thinking what's it like for tomorrow could stress you out, if you overdo it, you'll have to be overthinking and it'll cause a depression. 😨

Although, I am planning to open up a section or two on this blog. Which are the movie reviews section and music review section. The idea is every week, or every fortnight, I don't know 😅 (I can't decide yet), I'll write on it and maybe I'll have a nice poster for it, of course! I'll also give recommendations and suggestions and also a playlist for you to have a listen on them too. Or a trailer playlist for movies, since you can't legally watch online unless you pay for it and I don't want to commit such crime on this blog. LOL 😏
May Allah give His blessings and guide me all the way to Ramadan.  InshaAllah, Amin. 😌🙏
I think that is all. Let's see what's going to happen next. Until then, goodbye!

p/s: I did an on-going k-dramas list that I'm watching. Check it out on the sidebar, yeah!