an unpopular letter: epilogue

I had the times when they are so hard I can't even breathe properly, grasping every tons of the air and all the struggles only how to be able to live again -- to breathe.

These are the times when they are truly the worst, the never ending pain, the scars in the heart that stays forever, all the guts to move on but failed each and every time I tried. These are all the painful memories, the cruelty in life, violence that is sad to watch, too hard to handle, it has overpowered me. I was bewildered. I was taken aback by the haunted thoughts of all the bad things I have done. It came back to me, echoing its way back to me, just like a sound wave. It is karma.

The weakness of the heart that is black and burned, was taunted by the people that have betrayed you. The fragility of the soul that is white and broken, was tortured within the flesh. By itself, and by these people that will never treat you right.

They are the worst. Or is it me?

The truly unforgivable, the never lasting wrongdoe…



So, I'm back, finally since ages at bay. It has been a couple of weeks since I last updated anything on this blog. In favour of that, it was a course review post which you can barely know how my life is going on at the moment. So, today really is the day I decided to post an entry upon my daily life struggles.

Before that, I've changed my blog theme and it's kind of more to pink-blue hue theme, which I like it very much. Anyhow, I was inspired by this anime wallpaper I downloaded a long time ago. It's a scenery of blue to purple sky. So, I blended the colour, trying to play with the hues and the outcome is really amazing. Okay, for this exactly time being, I feel very weird not to use emojis, wait how do I do that here on a laptop?

I figured it out! 😉 Blogger actually did an awesome job to add up the emoji tab in the create-a-post page. It's pretty convenient for an obsessed emojis user like me. I mean, it's 2017 already. Who don't use emojis? …