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I'm doing a new topic today (by any chance I'm thinking to post entries related to fashion) (although this is not my thing, really). But I kinda want to try something new which is out of my league but I'm not outdoing things, I do love fashion. I also watch Project Runway, okay? So, I pick beanie for this first entry. And just because it suits (of course) both boys and girls but I'd rather talk more about looks for men, today. Really.

Men who loves fashion and making sure to make himself look trendy will surely have beanie inside their wardrobes (at least one). When they go out, hanging with friends or going on a date with girlfriend, they may like to wear it with their outfits. However, not many of these men know what style actually works best for them. Some just (really) want to hide up their messy hair but this way is cool enough as it also perks up their look. Here are some beneficial guidelines you should consider when putting on a beanie according to your likes (though I ain't a fashion expert).

  1. Matching colours
  2. One must match the beanies with their outfit correctly. It's the simplest task where you match the colour with your top. For instance, if you're wearing a black beanie hat, match it with a nice black coloured top.

  3. Go trendy
  4. If you're not a dark side type, you can follow the trends and be as colourful as you are. Wearing a coloured beanie can be really trendy as it also gives you the young vibe and makes you approachable at time. The men coloured beanies can also boost your current mood and confidence.

  5. Hipster prints
  6. This one is the most I fave. Printed beanies are the perfect choice when you're like want to go to hang out with friends or going for a party because the prints can be anything (either graphic prints or funky patterns) that will definitely fit your personality. My tip is to suit your printed beanie with a plain top to give more hipster vibe and trendy, of course!

So, apart from that, I really hope you can practice this in your daily outfit just as a boost for yourself. By the way, this article is made for Zalora. Please visit the Official Zalora website to browse some young trendy beanie!


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