First of all, I don't have any decent photo of mine but I guess this is ugly enough to be shown here. So, these are some facts that you might want to know about me (I hope so, tho).
  • The name is Muhammad Qayyum or simply Qayyum/Qoy
  • Born on January 16th 1998 which is also Ramadan 17th 1418H
  • Hobbies include reading novels, scribbling/doodling, singing and (maybe) writing
  • My ambition is within an engineer of oil & gas or food technology
The history, tho

Originally, this blog was created on May of 2010, but I started blogging on January, 2011. I was very attracted to the news of Jejari Runcing on Berita Harian newspaper to express myself more by blogging. Hence, I discovered the world of blogging including on how to design a blog to be uglier, how to code a templatewhile ruining my life and how to use Photoshop for making my selfies more uglier than it were.

Previously, this blog is also known as: http://qsstory.blogpsot.com, http://karyuum.blogpsot.com, & http://koyurm.blogpsot.com.

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